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Welcome to Kinona

Hey there! My name is Kyle, and I’m the creator of Kinona.

Kinona provides a way to keep in touch with everyone without sacrificing your privacy, or showing you content that you didn’t ask for. Your connections are the only ones who can see your content. Likewise the only content you see will come from the folks you are connected to.

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Recent Activity

See the latest memories, milestones, and albums from your family and friends. No promoted content, sneaky ads, auto-playing videos, or other junk cluttering up what you want to see. Just a listing sorted by the most recent activity on what folks have been up to.

Your Stream

A timeline of all your experiences since you were born. Fill in your memories and milestones to create an on-going story of your life. Your connections can share their memories of you on your stream, or ask you questions that they’d love to hear more about. You have full control over what shows up in your stream.


Invite anyone to connect. Only accepted connections can see your content.


Include photos with your memories, or create an album. All photos are encrypted, securely stored, and can only be accessed through Kinona.


  • Private content, only seen by you and your connections
  • Encrypted and securely stored photos only accessible through Kinona
  • Unlimited memories
  • Unlimited milestones
  • Photo albums (for paid plans)
  • No selling or sharing of your content or personal information
  • No auto-playing videos
  • No promoted content
  • No ads disguised as posts
  • No unauthorized access of your photos


All plans cover the cost of keeping the servers up and running, maintenance, and new feature development. The Author (free) tier is supported by privacy-focused ads that do not track, collect, or store any of your data.



  • Private content
  • Memory photos
  • Encrypted photo storage
  • Up to 50 photos / month
  • Supported with ethical ads
Become an Author


$39 / year

  • Everything in Author, plus:
  • Unlimited photo albums
  • Up to 250 photos / month
  • No ads
Become a Biographer


$79 / year

  • Everything in Biographer, plus:
  • Up to 5,000 photos / month
Become a Historian


If you had any questions, comments, or suggestions send me an email at

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